Reclaimed Wood


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Reclaimed wood is our specialty.

Taking 100 year old wood and making it into beautiful barn board flooring is very satisfying.

Thousands of trees are being saved and old barns that are not viable are being salvaged.
The soft woods:   hemlock and pine flooring & trim comes from barn board siding.
The hard woods:  elm, beech and ash flooring is milled from the barn beams. 

Elm Is Rare

At the time these barns were built, elm was found on virtually every property.

Many years ago dutch elm disease wiped out most of the elm in Ontario. Now the only way to get this beautifully grained wood is from  barns.

We are proud to say we have salvaged the wood from over  60 barns over the 13 years we have been in business.

By doing this, we have saved thousands of trees and put a bit of history into hundreds of houses throughout Ontario.