Imagine, a beautiful century old barn, once the hub of a farm, standing alone in a field, forgotten and starting to show its age. Step inside and you are surrounded by memories of a family hard at work, cows standing in their stalls waiting to be milked by hand, children laughing as they feed the sheep and goats and collect the eggs for breakfast.

Imagine, granary boards up to 24 inches wide, timbers up to 14 inches high and 30 feet long, floor boards 2 inches thick. All aged to perfection and waiting to be salvaged.

Imagine, at one time, most of these old barns were ripped down and burnt. What a waste! Now, at a time when our forests are being depleted much too rapidly, these barns are becoming a wonderful source of material. Finding trees large enough to yield a 12" board, much less a 24" board, is becoming increasingly rare.

Our products come entirely from wood salvaged from these old barns. Whether planed down or gently sanded, this wood has a unique look and rich patina that only aged wood can give. It is dappled with nail holes and evidence of its history can be seen in every imperfection. It is this very imperfection, which makes each floor, stair tread or trim piece one of a kind.

Flooring - Available in various lengths and widths. A clear finish will bring out the beauty of the wood - beauty that can not be duplicated with newer wood.

Stairs - From unique staircases made from hand-hewn beams to simple treads to match our floors.

Beams - From that one of a kind mantle piece to decorative trusses.

Furniture - All our furniture is custom-made. Bring us a picture.

Ceilings, Walls, and Trim - Ceilings and wainscoting available along with trim to match and enhance your floors and wainscoting.

Fixtures - Counter tops, Mirrors, Cabinetry custom-made to your specs.

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